Vehicle Operations

The Vehicle Operations page stores Mileage, Fuel Use, and Service History information for vehicles. To access the Vehicle Operations page from the main menu, users may select the Operations module then Vehicle Operations.

The Vehicle Operations page is comprised of two sections: the vehicle display filter and the vehicle data entry section.

In addition to displaying Vehicle Operations data, the vehicle data entry section also contains the following tabs:

Mileage This tab stores mileage and comments for the vehicle.
Fuel Use The Fuel Use tab stores fuel quantities and prices for the vehicle. This tab may also be populated by another database.
Service History This tab stores the Service History, costs, and vendor information for the vehicle.

Entering Data

  1. Go to the vehicle display filter section.  Select the desired option from the Filter Type dropdown menu.  This will determine the Filter Criteria that are available for selection.  
  2. Select the desired option for the Filter Criteria, Year, and Month fields.  Select Load. Information for the chosen vehicle will populate in the vehicle data entry section.
  3. To add comments to the vehicle information, double click on the row, enter comments then select the Save icon in the main menu.
  4. Once the page has been saved, select a different tab and make any necessary changes.  Once that tab has been modified, select the Save icon in the main menu.