In ACTS, Tasks are defined as actionable requirements that have been assigned to personnel.  Tasks are created during the nightly batch job process, which uses data from Regulations and several other ACTS records to determine Tasks generation.  From the Tasks page, users may also set Preferences, so they can receive Task Summary Emails.  To access the Tasks page from the main menu, users may select the Compliance module then Tasks.

Upon opening the Tasks page, a user will see a list of Tasks that are assigned to him/her.  The Tasks page is comprised of three sections: the Tasks toolbar, the assignee search field, and the Tasks list.

The Tasks toolbar is comprised of the following icons:

After selecting the "Mark Complete" icon or the "Change Due Date" icon, a dialog box similar to the one below will open.  Users should complete the fields then select Save at the bottom of the box.

After selecting the "Detailed Task Information" icon, the page below will open: 

Users may select the "Change your email preferences" link.  This link will open the Preferences (i.e., My Account) page.

After Preferences have been changed, select the Save icon at the top of the page.  If a user wants to go back to the default preferences, he/she may select the Restore Defaults icon beneath his/her email address then click the Save icon.