Fixing Internet Explorer Add-On Conflicts

Use this process ONLY if the automatic upgrade process does not work and you are unable to connect to ACTS Classic.

Disclaimer: Please use caution while removing files/folders using the Windows Command Processor. Once deleted, they are gone forever!

This process requires you to use the Windows Command Processor as administrator (using Windows Explorer does not work). If you have insufficient privileges to do this, please contact your IT support for assistance. The steps are as follows:

  1. Click Start, type CMD into the search box.
  2. Right click on the "Command Processor" or "CMD" and select "Run as Administrator".
  3. Navigate to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files.
  4. Delete all files from the folder.
  5. There may be CONFLICT.n folder(s) (where n > 0), depending upon the number of failed installations. Delete all CONFLICT.n folder(s) and all files within.
  6. Launch ACTS Classic again from your browser.
  7. While ACTS is loading, watch the C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files folder to see if the files are loading here and not into any CONFLICT folder.
  8. If there are any CONFLICT.n folders, then repeat the process.