Spill/Release Event

In ACTS, a Spill is defined as an uncontrolled discharge of radioactive, biological, or chemical material.  An Environmental Release is defined as a hazardous spill that is discharged from a controlled setting into the broader environment.  The Spill/Release Event page allows users to log event descriptions and spill/release material information.  

To access the Spill/Release Event page from the main menu, users may select the Incident module then Spill/Release Event.  The tabs that comprise the Spill/Release Event page are as follows:

Information The Information tab contains the general shutdown Information such as: Event Description, Location Information, Event Conditions, Event Volume, Follow-up Action Information, and Regulation-Specific Information.
Attributes This tab contains Spill/Release Attributes that are a specific to a company. The fields may be changed by an ACTS administrator.
Materials The Materials tab lists the quantities of Spilled or Released materials.
Correspondence This tab logs Correspondence regarding the Spill/Release Event.
Files The Files tab stores the files that are associated with the Spill/Release Event.
Validation This tab lists the regulatory programs that correspond to event information.

Entering Data

  1. The Spill/Release Event page will open on the Information tab.  There are six sections that comprise the Information tab:
  • Event Description,
  • Location Information,
  • Event Condition,
  • Event Volume,
  • Follow-up Action Information, and
  • Regulation-Specific Information.

    2.  To expand a section, click the arrow head to the right of the section title.

    3.  Update information by entering text, selecting from dialog boxes and dropdowns, checking
         and unchecking boxes, and entering dates into the appropriate fields.  Contact an ACTS
         administrator to update fields and dropdown items.  Note: All fields that require data are
         indicated by an asterisk (*).  
Select the Save icon in the main menu at the top of the page
         before proceeding to step 2.  For data to appear as dropdown items, it must first be
         saved in ACTS.

    4.  After the Information tab has been saved, the Validations tab's title will change and the 
         information on the Validations tab will automatically populate to inform users that the
         spill/release did or did not triggered a regulatory program.

    5.  On the Materials, Correspondence, and Files tabs, users can add information by scrolling to
         the bottom of the page and selecting the "Add a new row" icon (i.e., the icon shaped like a
         plus sign).  If data for multiple rows has been added, users may select multiple items by
         pressing and holding CTRL and selecting the items.  Users can delete a row by selecting the
         icon that looks like a trashcan, and they can insert a row by selecting the arrow icon.  For a
         visual list of the most common icons in ACTS, click here