Note: The new Report Explorer module will replace the Reports and Report Scheduler modules. Users may learn more about the Report Explorer module here.

ACTS aggregates data and creates useful analytical Reports.  Custom Reports can be created as needed by the user or the program team.  Users may contact an ACTS administrator to request that a new Report be developed.  To access the Reports page from the main menu, users may select the Reporting module then Reports.

The Reports page is organized by two panels: the Report categories panel on the left and the Report Viewer panel on the right.

Using the Report Viewer

  1. Go to the left panel and click the node beside the desired Report category.  This will expand the sub-categories, which will appear in an indented list below the main category.
  2. Select the desired Report from the sub-categories.  The "Report Parameters" dialog box will open.  Note: The content of the "Report Parameters" dialog box varies depending on the Report that was selected from the Report category panel.

   3.  Use the dropdown menus to enter the necessary data and select OK.  The chosen Report will             appear in the Report Viewer panel.

Saving and Exporting Reports

To save or export Reports, follow the steps below:

  1. After the desired Report appears in the Report Viewer panel, select the Save icon, which is above the Report Viewer panel.  A dialog box will open with several file types listed.

   2.  Select the desired file type.  The "Export Setting" dialog box will open.

   3.  Complete the fields in the "Export Settings" dialog box and select OK.  A pop-up box will
        appear at the bottom of the screen.  Select Open.

   4.  The Report will open in the chosen file type.  Save the Report to the desired hard drive folder.