Report Explorer

The Report Explorer module will replace the Reports and Report Scheduler modules. The Report Explorer includes both Data Query Reports and formatted Stimulsoft reports for viewing, scheduling deliveries, and exporting.  To access the Report Explorer page from the main menu, users may select Reporting then Report Explorer

To open a report on the Report Explorer page, users may enter the name of a specific report in the Search field then click the search icon.  Users may also search for reports within one of the four report sections in the left panel of the screen.  The report sections include: FavoritesRecentAll Reports, and Scheduled Report.

To add a report to the Favorites section, users may find the desired report and click the star to the right of the report name.  The individual report will then appear in the Favorites section.  The reports listed in the Favorites section will offer users quick access to commonly used reports. The users can reversely click the star again to de-favorite the report.

The Recent section provides a list of the last 10 reports that have been viewed.  The All Reports section lists all ACTS reports except inactive reports.  The reports are grouped using the same categories that were used in the Report module and the Data Query module.  The report categories appear indented below the All Reports section.

By clicking the desired report category, users may expand the list of individual reports.

After the user has selected the desired report, the reporting panel on the right side of the screen will display options.  

If the report requires that arguments, such as Media, Date Range or Facility, be set, the arguments will appear in the reporting panel before the user can view the report.  The user may use the drop-down menu to populate the argument fields.

Once the user has set the arguments, he/she can click one of the three icons (Preview, Scheduler or Export) above the reporting panel to proceed with the report.

The initial Report Explorer page will minimize to the left and will have the title Report List.  If the user would like to expand the Report List, he/she need only click the title.  The arguments will be display in the left panel of the screen, and the selected report will be displayed in the right panel of the screen.  Below is an example of the Preview screen.

On the Scheduler screen, the user may go to the scheduling fields on the right side to select the Person/Portfolio, Frequency, Start Delivery date, the Email Subject, and Email Body content, etc. These are the same options that were displayed when creating/editing in the Report Scheduler module.  After these fields have been completed, the user may select “Schedule” and the screen will save.  Below is an example of the Scheduler screen.

On the right panel of the Export screen, the necessary fields for exporting the report are displayed.  

For the Export Type, the user may select from the following drop-down menu options:

  • xlsx
  • csv
  • xml
  • pdf