Regulation Synchronization (RegSync)

The Regulation Synchronization page uses Facility, Equipment, and Portfolio data to make associations to Regulation Requirements.  To access the RegSync page from the main menu toolbar, users may select the Compliance module then RegSync.

Once the RegSync page is open, users should chose a Regulation from the Select The Regulation dropdown menu.

The RegSync page is organized by columns.  The columns vary depending on the selected Regulation.  The rows consist of Assets that have the potential to meet Regulation criteria.  The synchronized column indicates whether the Assets have the potential to be associated to the indicated Requirements, are associated with indicated Requirements, or have missing evaluation criteria. 

Synchronizing Regulations

  1. Review the Asset and Requirement information.  
  2. To associate the Facility and/or Equipment to the applicable requirements, select the data row then select the Synchronization icon.

The date that the synchronization occurred will be the association Active Date.  Users should review and adjust dates as needed.  The association(s) will be added to and displayed in the following ACTS records:

  • The Regulation window of the Association tab of the Facility page and the Equipment page;
  • The Equipment window of the Requirements tab on the Equipment page; and
  • The Facility window of the Regulations tab on the Facility page.