Incidents and Inspections

Beginning on 4/21/2016 Incidents and Inspections can utilize Workflows in addition to current forms. Workflows enable incident and inspection forms to utilize the latest ACTS enhancements; ranging from SQL drop-down lists, to repeating questions and sections, to conditional edit-ability, and much more. These designated Workflows are integrated with existing Inspection and Incident forms both in the Asset Explorer as well as from the main Incident and Inspection modules.

When opening or initiating an inspection or incident, you will notice an updated view that includes all of the available forms and workflows:

New landing page for Inspections

New search and open window for Inspection

Please Note: Inspections will now be referenced by their Form and Workflow IDs (no longer using the Inspection table ID). In some cases, this may affect older URL links to forms and reports as well as report links in ACTS. If you experience any issues, please contact your Ecociate to discuss any updates that may be required.