The Inspection page is a form that captures maintenance-related questions and responses.  A variety of information can be stored on the Inspection page and the page can be formatted to meet individual company needs.  To access the Inspection page from the main menu, users may select the Operations module then Inspection.  

The Inspection page has two basic tabs:

Information The Information tab contains the Inspection form questions and responses.
File This tab stores the Files that are associated with the Inspection.

Upon opening the Inspection page, the "Select the type of inspection" dialog box will appear.  Users may select one "Form Type" then click OK.

The Information tab will vary depending on the "Form Type" a user selects.  Once the form opens, the user may enter data.  Note: All fields that require data are indicated by an asterisk (*).  Select the Save icon in the main menu.

Enter Data

  1. For list data, select the "Add a new row" icon (i.e., the icon shaped like a plus sign).  If data for multiple rows has been added, users may select multiple items by pressing and holding CTRL and selecting the items.  Users can delete a row by selecting the icon that looks like a trashcan, and they can insert a row by selecting the arrow icon.  For a visual list of the most common icons in ACTS, click here
  2. Enter the data associated with the Inspection.
  3. Once data records have been modified, save changes by selecting the Save icon in the main menu at the top of the page.