Equipment Service

The Equipment Service page stores manufacturer-recommended maintenance plans and company-specific maintenance plans for Equipment.  Users are able to create a universal maintenance plan that may be applied to multiple Equipment items.  

To access the Equipment Service page from the main menu, users may select the Operations module then Equipment Service.  The page below will open:

The Equipment Service page has three data fields and a row of tabs beneath the third field.  In the first field, users should choose Select from all equipment with a specific manufacturer and model or Select from all equipment in a portfolio.  The option that is chosen for the first field determines which dropdown menus are available for the second field, which lists Equipment types, and third field, which lists the Equipment items.

After the fields at the top of the Equipment Service page have been completed, columns will appear beneath the tabs.  At the bottom of the page, users will find icons that include, but are not limited to, add, delete, and insert row icons.