Equipment Associations

Equipment Association is a method of grouping Equipment data in ACTS.  Equipment Associations may be used to represent process flows; they also affect calculations (e.g., emission controls, stacks, meters, etc.).  To access the Equipment Associations page from the main menu, users may select the Asset module then Equipment Associations.  Equipment Associations may be also be edited on the Equipment page via the Equipment Associations tab.  

The following table details the sections on the Equipment Associations page:

Facility Field This section allows users to specify the Facility that contains the Equipment item.
Primary Equipment This section allows the user to choose the Primary Equipment for the Equipment Associations.
Association Type The section establishes the relationship between the Primary and Secondary Equipment.
Secondary Equipment This section allows the user to enter the Secondary Equipment for the Equipment Associations.

Entering Equipment Associations

   1.  Enter the full name or the first few letters of the Facility in the Facility field, and click Select.
       Note: Based on the Facility Type, specific Equipment Types will appear in the Primary
       Equipment section. 

   2.  Select the desired Equipment item from the Primary Equipment list.  Note: Based on the
        selected Primary Equipment's Equipment Type, specific Association Types will appear in the
        Association Type section.

   3.  Select the desired Association Type.  

   4.  In the Secondary Equipment section, select "Show Only Active Equipment" or "Show
        Equipment at Associated Facility" then double click the Facility Name.  Secondary Equipment
        options will appear in the Secondary Equipment section.  Note: The list of Secondary
is based on the 
Primary Equipment's Equipment Type. 

   5.  Select the desired Secondary Equipment, add Active Date(s) and Inactive Date(s) as needed,
        and select the Save icon in the main menu toolbar.