Document Generator (DocGen)

The DocGen page serves as a "mail merge" page that populates Word documents and Excel spreadsheets with data from ACTS.  This page combines default data and ACTS data into a DocGen record where users can review and edit data fields.  The DocGen page is most useful for regularly generated documents where the fields are not changed often.  Users may develop a template based upon an agency-provided form or an internal document.  

To access the DocGen page from the Asset Explorer, users may select the Reporting module then DocGen.  The DocGen page will open to this screen:

  1. Choose the desired Document Type.  The name of the Document Type will appear in the Document Name field and the Document Type field.
  2. The Created on and Active Date fields will self-populate.
  3. Enter the name or the first few letters of the desired Facility in the Facility field.  The Document Name field will automatically change to include the Facility name.
  4. Enter the name or the first few letters of the desired Equipment in the Equipment field.
  5. Select the Open icon in the main menu (i.e., the icon that is in front of the Save icon).  The screen will look like this:

   6.  A pop-up box may appear at the bottom of the page.  Select Open.  The file will open in a
       different window.  See below for example: