The Dashboard page compiles ACTS data into graphs and maps.  To access the Dashboard page from the main menu, users may select the Reporting module then Dashboard.  

The Dashboard may be configured to display information based on the user's preferences.

Configuring the Dashboard

  1. Select the Configure option (see screenshot above).  The Dashboard configuration page will open (see the screenshot beneath this step).  On this page, users can set their preferences by selecting options in the Available Controls panel.  They can also delete preferences and add and delete Dashboard tabs. 

   2.  My Dashboard is the default Dashboard.  To change the name of My Dashboard, click               into the Tab Name field, enter the new name, and select Done.  

   3.  Controls that have been set as preferences are indicated by light blue boxes, e.g., the Links           box in the screenshot below.  To delete a control, click the desired control, hold it down,                 and drag it to the Delete icon. 

   4.  To add an Available Control, click the node beside the desired control.  A sub-list will                     appear beneath the selected control.  Click the desired sub-list item, hold it down, and drag           the item to one of the empty squares then select Done.

       After selecting Done, the reconfigured Dashboard will look something like this:

       Users can select Configure and return to the Dashboard configuration page to rearrange
       controls for alternate views.

  3.  To add a new Dashboard tab, select Configure.  After the Dashboard configuration page
select the Add a Tab icon in the lower-left corner.  A new Dashboard tab will appear.  
       Click the node beside the desired Available Control.  A sub-list will appear.  Click the desired
       sub-list item, hold it down, and drag the item to one of the empty squares.  Note: ACTS will 
       not allow users to name a new tab or save it until at least one Available Control has been   
       added.  Click into the Tab Name field, enter the new name, and click Done.