An Audit is a set of validation questions, whether internal or external, that have responses that can be linked to follow-up requirements.  An Audit can be associated to an Area, Facility, or Equipment. To access the Audit page from the main menu, users may select the Compliance module then Audit.

The Audit page is comprised of the following tabs:

Information This tab contains the general audit information, such as type: Audit Status, Audit Date, Responsible Person, Tracking Number, Description, etc.
Requirements The Requirements tab lists the individual requirements of the Audit. The Requirements tab includes Frequency, Description, and task information. Each Requirement that generates a task should be assigned to one or more people.
Requirement Responsibilities This tab contains the person/people who must complete the requirements.
Correspondence The Correspondence tab logs Correspondence regarding the Audit.
Area This tab lists the Areas that are associated with the Audit.
Facilities The Facilities tab lists the Facilities that are associated with the Audit.
Agencies This tab lists the Agencies that are associated with the Audit.
Regulations The Regulations tab lists Regulations that are associated with the Audit.
View/Edit This tab allows users to determine who has access to the Audit record.
Files The File tab offers storage for files associated with the Audit.

Entering Data

  1. Enter all required information on the Information tab.  Note: All fields that require data are indicated by an asterisk (*).  Select the Save icon in the main menu at the top of the page before proceeding to step 2.  For data to appear as dropdown items, it must first be saved in ACTS.
  2. Users can add information on the remaining tabs by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting the "Add a new row" icon (i.e., the icon shaped like a plus sign).  If data for multiple rows has been added, users may select multiple items by pressing and holding CTRL and selecting the items.  Users can delete a row by selecting the icon that looks like a trashcan, and they can insert a row by selecting the arrow icon.  For a visual list of the most common icons in ACTS, click here
  3. On the Facilities tab, a dialog box will appear after users click the "Add a new row" icon. Enter the name or the first few letters of the desired Facility and select Search.  If the user typed in the exact name, the dialog box will close and a new row will be added with the name of the desired Facility.  If the user typed in a few letters of the name, the search results with that combination of letters will appear to the right of the dialog box.  In this case, the users should double click the desired option.  The dialog box will close, and the chosen Facility will auto populate into the new row.