Asset Visualizer

The Asset Visualizer displays facilities and their associated equipment. Users can enter a Facility name in the search field of the Asset Visualizer and icons that represent the Facility and all the Equipment associated to that Facility will be displayed. Facilities and Equipment may also be edited and copied from this page.

To access the Asset Visualizer:

  1. Go to the main menu and select the Assets module then Asset Visualizer. The Asset Visualizer will open.  
  2. Type the name of the Facility in the field. A populated selection grid will appear beneath the field. Users can also choose the Select button and a search window will open. Enter search criteria and select a facili=. Once a facility is selected, an icon with the facility name will appear on the screen below the search field. An icon with the count of associated equipment will also be displayed.
  1. Selecting the Equipment icon will show the associated equipment types and counts. Select the icon for the desired equipment type. This will display the equipment.

  2. Hover over the facility or equipment to see a Menu that will allow you to Edit, Copy, or Open In Asset Explorer.