Asset Explorer

Upon logging in, users arrive at the Asset Explorer page.  

Users may use the Explorer Tree in the left panel of the Asset Explorer page to navigate through ACTS.  They can also navigate through the database by clicking the node beside the words "Asset Explorer," which expands the main menu and shows modules. Users can then click a module to open the sub-module list, and click a sub-module to open it.  

Users may also use the Search fields and icons beneath the Asset Explorer header as well.

To use the Search fields:

  1. Click into the Find field, and use the dropdown menu to select a Data Type, e.g., "Facility Name." Users may also type in the field.

  2. The next field is the search operator field. Users can choose from the following options:

  • Contains: the search operator will search for the letters or words that are contained anywhere in the results.

  • Ends With: the search operator will search for the letters or words at the end of the results.

  • Exactly Matched: restricts the search operator to the exact text.

  • Starts With: the search operator will search for letters or words at the beginning of the results.

  1. Enter the search text in the last field. NOTE: This field is not case sensitive.

  2. Select the search icon

  3. Based on the search criteria, one of the following will occur.

  • All results will appear in the Explorer Tree under "Search Results." Single clicking on any item in the search results will open its summary report in the right panel of the screen.

  • If the criteria does not match any items in ACTS, a dialog box that states this will appear.
  • If a user enters text in the search field then clicks the "Locate in Tree" search icon the results will appear in a dialog box and can be sorted by selecting column headings or by using the Filter field at the bottom.