In ACTS, an Agency is defined as a governing authority that issues compliance items for operations and maintenance. The Agency page allows users to manage the Agency contact information and Agency representative information. Agencies can be associated to a variety of data throughout ACTS. To access the Agency page from the main menu, users may select the Compliance module then Agency.

Below is a list of tabs found on the Agency page:

Information The Information tab contains the general agency information, such as: Agency Name, Agency Type, Parent Agency, Comments, Short Name, Active Date, Inactive Date, URL, and Comments.
Addresses The Address tab lists the addresses that are associated with the Agency.
Counties The Counties tab lists the counties governed by the Agency.
Email Addresses The Email Addresses tab lists the email addresses tht are associated with the Agency.
Location The Locations tab lists location data associated with the Agency, such as the Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, etc. This tab also allows users to map a specific location using online sites such as MapQuest, Google Maps, and Bing.
People The People tab lists the people who are associated with the Agency.
Phone Numbers The Phone Numbers tab lists the phone numbers that are associated with the Agency.
States The States tab lists the states governed by the Agency.
Facilities The Facilities tab lists the facilities that are governed by the Agency.
Projects The Projects tab lists the projects that are governed by the Agency.

Entering Data

  1. Enter all required information on the Information tab. Note: All fields that require data are indicated by an asterisk (*). Select the Save icon at the top of the page before proceeding to step 2.

  2. To add information on the remaining tabs, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Add a new row" icon (i.e., the icon shaped like a plus sign). Users may select multiple items by pressing and holding CTRL and selecting the items. Users can delete a row by selecting the icon that looks like a trashcan, and they can insert a row by selecting the arrow icon. For a visual list of the most common icons in ACTS, click here.

  3. On the Facilities tab, an open dialog box will appear after users click the "Add a new row" icon. Enter the desired search criteria and select Search. If the results only return one record, the dialog box will close and a new row will be added with the name of the desired Facility. If the results return many records, the search results will appear to the right of the dialog box. In this case, the users should double click the desired option. The dialog box will close, and the chosen facility will auto-populate into the new row.

Mapping an Address, Location, Facility and/or Projects

From the AddressesLocations, Facilities and Projects tabs, users can access online maps via Bing, Google Maps, and MapQuest.  Below are steps for mapping within these tabs:

  1. Select the "Add a new row" icon, enter all required information, and select the Save icon.
  2. Select the row with the desired location.  The row will highlight.
  3. Click the "Map Selected Row" icon (i.e., the flag icon) at the bottom of the page.  A dialog box will appear with the online mapping options.
  4. Select the desired mapping website.  The website will open in a new tab or window.

Coordinate Conversion

The Coordinate Conversion option allows users to convert types of coordinates.

  1. Select a geographic coordinate system from the Latitude and Longitude dropdowns (i.e., North/South for Latitude and East/West for Longitude).    
  2. Enter location information in Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds.  Use decimals or the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).    
  3. The coordinates will be converted and the location will be mapped.  Other assets with location data will be displayed on the map.  To zoom, select + and/or - or scroll using a mouse.  Click and drag to move the map.  Select Satellite to view a satellite version of the map.    
  4. Select Accept Location to populate the Location tab data row with data from the "Coordinate Conversion" window.