Intelex ACTS in a Browser

The Asset & Compliance Tracking System (ACTS) is the comprehensive Environmental Management Information System platform designed by experienced EHS professionals to manage all of your environmental compliance, emission, regulatory, and Health and Safety requirements.  


Comprehensive – Take control of environmental compliance management, air emission tracking, reporting and governance needs from a single platform.  See the solutions outlined in this document.

Flexible – User oriented, data-driven functionality to support each organization’s unique EHS, business and IT infrastructure requirements.  

Scalable – Scales from a small user base configuration to enterprise-wide deployment.

Data Integration – Subscribe data from any system where data can be extracted in a machine readable format using native data import utilities; provide downstream system and data warehouse with ACTS data.

Continuously Evolving – ACTS is regularly augmented with new and improved functionality to keep ACTS at the forefront of the constantly changing EHS environment.

Quickly Deployed – ACTS is pre-loaded with targeted EHS functionality, including default configurations, workflows, and calculations, for rapid implementation.


Asset Inventory

  • Comprehensive asset inventory
  • Field capture and validation
  • Hierarchy, facility, equipment, and process flow

System Integrations

  • Automated data sharing across systems (subscribe and provide)
  • Full ETL capabilities within ACTS

GHG Reporting

  • Data gap analysis
  • Equation library (Subpart C & W included)
  • Field data capture via integration
  • Process simulations with ProMax®
  • Electronic reporting to e-GGRT

Environmental Compliance

  • Comprehensive inventory of compliance requirements
  • Communication of upcoming and overdue tasks
  • Data dashboards of performance
  • Limits and validations comparison
  • Record keeping and documentation

SPCC Management

  • Generate SPCC Plans using company templates
  • Calculate secondary containment capacity
  • Track Plan amendments and field inspection

Field Inspections

  • Generate inspection forms
  • Electronic field inspection capabilities
  • Electronic documentation and record keeping
  • Corrective action follow-up

Work Orders

  • Generate and track work order
  • Assign work to persons or a role with escalation capabilities
  • Manage work order completion, correspondences, and documentation

Incident Tracking

  • Log and track environmental and safety-related incidents
  • Calculate speciated spill and release volumes for threshold comparison and agency notification
  • Sequenced workflows for follow-up, investigation, and closure
  • Generate OSHA logs and data statistics (TRIR)

Chemical Inventory Tracking

  • Track chemicals as delivered, stored, and used by location
  • Satisfy compliance and voluntary reporting
  • Establish a responsible products program

Land Lease Tracking

  • Manage landowner lease information
  • Create user defined attributes
  • Associate lease with company facilities

Drilling Schedule

  • Maintain (or subscribe) drill rigs schedule
  • Schedule compliance requirements against drill schedule

Water Management

  • Manage water lifecycle –quantities, water source, usage, and disposal
  • Integrate with laboratories for analytical results
  • Utilize analytical results in calculation or limit comparison
  • Organize and trend analytical results


  • Establish audit protocols, content, findings, and corrective actions
  • Develop and track audit goals
  • Analyze and trend audit findings to establish Best Practice

Agency Exception

  • Track notification communication and findings received from a governing agency
  • Manage associated requirements, agency correspondence, and documentation

Waste Tracking

  • Log accumulated waste product at each facility
  • Generate email notification when waste meets pre-defined thresholds
  • Track waste disposal history

Management of Change

  • Establish workflow for material transfer, permit updates, and ACTS data changes
  • Query data change logs of historical changes
  • Provides transparency and data integrity

Fleet Vehicles

  • Track fleet vehicles information
  • Integrate with fleet credit card vendor
  • Track and report maintenance, fuel usage, and mileage

Preventative Maintenance

  • Track compliance-related maintenance requirements, service history, and service cost
  • Schedule maintenance tasks based on existing compliance data (fuel usage, run hours)


  • Manage remediation project status, remediation technologies employed, and cost
  • Track environmental liabilities and financial reserves

Policies & Procedures

  • Make accessible corporate policies, procedures, and practices
  • Reference policies and procedures in compliance task and action

Reports & Dashboards

  • Create reports using native report designer tool for internal and external use
  • Query and extract any stored data
  • Create customized, formatted reports for on-screen, print, or electronic data delivery
  • Establish graphical dashboards to present compliance status, company