Intelex ACTS in the Field


Clients can access ACTS forms and data on the newest generation of portable devices and tablets. The ACTS Field application adds substantial value, including unrestricted access and efficiency in completing inspections and field data capture.

With the convenience of a device that can be used anytime and anywhere, clients can better respond to events in the field. Companies can access near real-time information, which allows them to optimize the efficacy of their field resources. By eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper forms, ACTS|Field expedites the data-entry process, eliminates the duplication of effort, automatically keeps form lists up-to-date, and greatly reduces common data errors.


Main Menu

Provides off-line access to inspection forms and supporting details (facility lists, equipment information, previous inspection data, etc.).

Displays forms mapped to ACTS Inspections for seamless data import.

Permits inspector to launch field inspections as needed (per company run rules).

Allows delivery of inspections as tasks to the inspector’s personal inbox.


Inspection Forms

Complete and edit forms at any time before conducting synchronization with the master database.

Supports page sections and simple “swipe” method to move between pages.

Utilizes a wide range of controls and drop-down features to optimize field use in difficult environments.

Enables tablet GPS to geo-tag inspections & photos.


Photos with Annotation

Attach single or multiple photos to questions throughout the form.

Annotate individual photos and save with field-drawn highlights.


Signature Block

Capture inspector signatures for full audit compliance